Oklahoma Post-Game: W, 31-30

You don’t make any apologies for winning a conference game on the road.  Especially when you’re the only coach/team to beat Bob Stoops in Norman twice.  Great win boys.


Oklahoma preview show

If you’re an outsider visiting for more coverage on the KSU-OU game specifically and not interested in K-state sports in general, you’ll want to skip ahead to about the 15minute mark.  Otherwise I think a pretty good show with a lot of things to hit on.


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K-State Podcasts

We start you off with the Salute to get things going.  They wrap up Texas Tech and toss in a little Volleyball.

The GPC crew solid as always.

KMAN discusses a little pre-season basketball rankings.

Around the Conference

I made a special Cameo on the Smoking Musket Podcast to help our friend David Smith out with their upcoming tussle with Texas Tech.

The group over at Cyclonefanatic.com examines what exactly is not going well with the Mangino lead offense.

Just another chapter in how to make Texas look bad from the folks at Ourdailybears.com.

And being Red River Rivalry week, it’s time to check in with our friend Allen at BlatantHomerism.com.  The eyes of Kansas are upon you in Texas Sooners.

Texas Tech Post-Game: W, 45-13

We know it’s a little behind schedule, but hey can’t we stretch things out a little longer during the off week?


Texas Tech Preview Show

Got 9 min in and realized the wrong mic was selected…so we started over.  We like to think the second go at it was a better product than the trajectory we were headed for with the first.


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K-State Podcasts

At the Salute they take a look at what the UTEP reset button did for this team heading into the Texas Tech game this weekend.

KMAN continues to knock it out of the park, Wildcat Insider and then Tuesday presser stuff and lastly Cole Manbeck’s weekly drop in.

Late arrivals BOTC and GPC.

Around the Conference

Wyatt Thompson joined the folks down on the Lubbock radio scene.

You heard what Doug and I thought about ISU and Baylor but what about the CF guys?

I regret that I haven’t got my hands on the Smoking Musket Podcast yet, as our friend David Smith talks Kansas.  I can only imagine how bad it will get on Saturday with that WVU offense.

Speaking of Kansas, let’s check in with Garrett Sanders and see how he’s holding up with the UT season following the ‘win’ over KU.

UTEP Post-game: W, 58-28

Just two tired dudes, worn out from work trying to podcast.

*Editor’s note: I interchanged Doug Meacham for Sonnie Cumbie once in the conference flyover portion.  Meant to say Sonnie is the qb’s coach.


UTEP Preview Show

Doug and I celebrate episode 100!  Other than that, it’s not really all that special.  But that’s where it’s good to have fans of the show.  They’ll listen to about any crap we pump out!  Ha!  We tried to be a little more light hearted in this episode.


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K-State Podcasts

Nice work from the guys at TheSalutePodcast.com who offer a great range of feeling between the originals Mike and Corey, and keep you up to speed on Volleyball and take an early look at the UTEP Miners.

The Bringonthecats.com staff produces two podcast appearances this week.  First in-house they interview with the Collegian’s Adam Suderman covering last week as well as the upcoming opponent.  What I liked about the interview was the little insights into the day-to-day beat-writer perspective.  Adam’s a good listen IMO.  Then secondly their site Manager Jon Morse went on the UTEP SBNation site’s (Miner Rush) podcast (warning they had some real struggles with their audio).

And 1350’s ‘the Game’ from Monday (Wildcat Insider)*, Tuesday (Snyder Presser Sound) and Wednesday (Cole Manbeck spot).

*Brian Smoller explains via Ryan Lackey (hey I know that guy!) why an Illegal procedure on the opening kick-off is not a penalty.

And then 580 checks in with their Tuesday press conference coverage and player interviews as well.

GPC with a late delivery, but still before the Wednesday is over.

Around the Conference

Well, the Cyclones got Baylor so I’m not sure how much there is to say about that from the guys at Cyclonefanatic.com in their early preview.

Allen Kenney at Blatanthomerism.com examines the two cases of transfers that OU has been dealing with.

If you want to get primed for the first Big 12 game of the week, Thursday’s tilt vs Oklahoma State, then you definitely want to check in with DoubleT 104.3 down in Lubbock as Chris Level interviews the OSU play-by-play guy (always a good interview) Dave Hunziker.

A lot of doubt down on the 40 acres.  The Texas 247 Sports site questions whether or not UT has enough “new” for the upcoming KU game since a lot hasn’t worked so far in the Lonhorn Blitz.  I think you’ll be ok.

Auburn Post-Game: L, 14-20

So, so, so many things that seem easy looked so hard.  But how about that defense though?