WVU Post-game: W,26-20

Check out my experience from Morgantown in this episode.  In the off-season, or down time I will add to the ‘Tales from the Road” page with words and pictures (also still need to add the Ames experience too).  If you don’t know what that is, go to my home page and find that tab just below the logo.


West Virginia Pre-Game

Hoping KSU ends up +2 in Turnovers.


TCU Post-game: L, 20-41

The dream is officially over.  Ok, maybe there’s a 2% chance of making the playoff, but that’s probably generous.

I think we all could acknowledge that compared to our pre-season prognosticating, that this offense isn’t near as prolific as we thought it would be building off of last year.  Of course our defense has been more than a pleasant surprise all year long, but when neither really show up in Ft. Worth you tend to lose by 21.  Hats off to TCU and Gary Patterson.  Any way you slice it, they were the better team last week.  You hope TCU can run the table rest of the way from here.

Other topics discussed:

  • Conference flyover
  • Why the current TCU v Baylor debate for the CFP is good for the conference
  • A little window into the upcoming MBB season

Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 11 12 14

K-State Podcasts

We’ll start it off with our SB Nation friends, BringontheCats.com who end up going head first into the upcoming basketball season with Manhattan Mercury beat writer Joel Jellison.

Another one of the Manhattan media outlets, AM1350 KMAN gives you their usual schedule of Wildcat Insider, Tuesday Presser reaction (more Hubener?) and the Wednesday drop in with Cole Manbeck.

The Salute crew picks the pieces up and tries to move on, and in the process shifts a little focus to the upcoming basketball season.

edit: Late adds 11 13 14 from GPC.

Around the Conference

If you thought it was hard for the guys at the Salute to pick up the pieces, what do you think it was like for the guys over at CycloneFanatic.com after losing to KU?  Well as you can imagine later on this week they went the route that BOTC did and give you their basketball season preview.

All of the sudden Baylor got their shot in the arm by taking down the Sooners (via SBNation’s OurDailybears.com).  My I hope we can crush their hopes and dreams in December, but first and foremost one game at a time.

If you want to talk about the game with the least amount of enthusiasm going into this weekend, it’s probably OU-TTU.  So here’s Lubbock’s DoubleT 104-3 talking to the voice of Oklahoma.

edit: Late adds 11 13 14 from OU and WVU insiders.

TCU Preview Show

Undeniably one of the biggest match-ups K-State has been a part of since the 2012/13 season (Fiesta Bowl).  Horned Frogs will be a tough out.  But there are some vulnerabilities out there.  One of our biggest shows in some time.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 11 05 14

K-State Podcasts

The Salute embraces the point of the year where we’re in peak football mode and basketball gears up tip off another season in this week’s episode.

1350 KMAN. So awesome every week.  Monday’s Wildcat Insider, Tuesday’s press conference sound and Wednesday’s Cole Manbeck spot.

Around the Conference

Of course whenever any one puts up 60pts on KU, we tend to enjoy that sort of thing, so Ourdailybears.com podcast recaps exactly that.  You may also find their concerns about the Playoff picture interesting too.

If you’re ready to start thinking Big12 men’s basketball (OF COURSE I’M NOT SENDING YOU TO LAWRENCE), the CycloneFanatic.com podcast is already ready already to do just that.

The Waco Tribune takes a look at the impact of the two big games in the conference this week.

And in a season where you take what you can get, Garrett Sanders thinks beating TTU may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it means something to this UT team.



Oklahoma State Post-Game: W, 48-14

Alright, I’ll admit I ranted more than I probably should have.  Just thought I should touch on the Bill Snyder political ad situation instead of ignore it.  Tried to keep that one simple, because well I don’t think there’s much more to it than what I said.  Secondly was a rant on Strength of Schedule which lead me to author a piece over at Bringonthecats.com.



Oklahoma State Preview Show

There’s a little bit of everything in here.  An interview with Kyle Porter of Pistolsfiringblog.com, as well as the usual statistical breakdown and some College Football Playoff ranking banter at the tail end.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 10 30 14

K-State Podcasts

GPC with their magazine deadline put out their podcast earlier than normal on Monday.

The Salute guys posted their good stuff on Monday as well which for them is normal.

BOTC got to our OSU insider Kyle Porter before I did in their show, but there’s no problem in that.  Kyle’s good.

Around the Conference

First off let’s check in and see what Garrett Sanders had to say about the game from the Texas side of things.



The folks at CycloneFanatic.com end up having quite a bit of Bill Snyder/KSU/Jake Waters talk right around the 20min mark, so you’ll want to check that out.  Later in the week they focused primarily on the Big12 basketball scene.

Not sure if this link will really get you anywhere, but there’s a chance you can listen to talk about a fairly bad team about to take on a really bad team (TTU).

David Smith our WVU insider puts on a show for the biggest game in the Big12 this weekend: TCU v WVU.

University of Texas Post-game: W, 23-0

Just a good ole fashioned defense pitches a shut-out and you can get your second string QB in the game-performance.