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K-State Podcasts

Unsure if GPC will do one or not in this shortened week.

Lot of good conversation over at KMAN with a full blown Wildcat Insider this week.  Then there’s yesterday’s show where they add Snyder Audio from the Tuesday Presser, as well as chat with Garden City CC coach Matt Miller (Going out on a big limb here without having listened to it already: I’m guessing of the K-state and Nick Marshall ties there).

Tried and true and reliable as hell: The Salute Podcast and their take on Auburn.

Around the Conference

How is Garrett handling the 1-2 start to the Longhorn’s season?  Only one way to find out.

Speaking of 1-2, you got to bet that for it feels much better than for the Orangebloods.


Auburn Preview Show

Previewing literally the biggest non-con game of Bill Snyder’s second tenure.  This show is being made possible in part by


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 09 10 14

K-State Podcasts

Slim pickings this week.  The Salute presents Episode Seiler #(1)34.  But if you want to go the non-traditional podcast route, then 1350’s the Game bails you out with some good discussion on what went right and what went wrong last Saturday in Ames.

Around the Conference

Check in with our West Virginia insider David Smith (@SmithFire13) to recap Towson victory look back and look ahead to trollin’ the ‘terps.

Catching up with our ‘Pokes Insider Kyle Porter (@pistolsguy) who went on with Carson Cunningham of KOCO.

Our bud Adam Gray (@AdamJGray17) was the co-host on this week’s Cyclone Fanatic show that starts to look at hoops already (yikes!) and breaks down the renderings of the South End Zone expansion.  Feel free to poke around their website to find even more shows from this week and get their take on last Saturday’s game.

No doubt one of the biggest games in the conference this year, Arkansas vs Texas Tech, so we check in with double T 104-3.

Lastly, our Texas insider Garrett Sanders  (@CowboyTD) questions how different this year will be from last year based off of the BYU outcome.

Iowa State Post-Game: W, 32-28

Folding up Week Two with the Folbot Post-Game report.  Fortunately the ‘Cats didn’t collapse like a Folbot in Ames.


Iowa State Preview Show

I don’t think I ever finished my thought process on explaining why this Gamedayblazers pre-game podcast was tailored different than the others, but…basically it’s different because my guest more or less was my co-host Thursday night and made up the primary content of the show.  Enjoy!


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 09 04 14

K-State Podcasts

We go through the rounds, but everyone at least had a little different flavor this week.  We start with who check in with their SBNation ISU counterparts to bridge last week and preview this week.

Our friends over at produce the familiar format of Good, Bad and the Ugly from game one but that revolving chair they have this year debut’s @PowercatRyan as the co-host.

And in a similar sense the GPC podcast is the second episode sans Wally.

And KMAN’s been an outlet you want to keep an eye on daily.  Great content seems like every day of the week but this is yesterday’s installment.

Around the Conference

Because it’s Iowa State week, we start with our buds at who continue to pump out a lot of content.  First the depression show, followed by some more league talk.  Keep in mind you’ll want to check their website back again on Friday as the guys do a Thursday night show from a bar, and they’ll probably break down K-state in detail on the call in show.  Obviously as I type this they haven’t recorded that yet.  But they often have a guest from another school on their show.

Our Hook ‘Em insider Garrett Sanders gives you his thoughts on UT-UNT.

If you’re interested in what went wrong down in Lubbock last year, you’ll have to pick it out of here but our Tech Insider Seth Jungman went on with the UTEP SBNation site’s podcast (Minerrush) to explain a little of that.

In other conference news, my condolences to SBNation’s and the OurDailyPodcast who lost a recording.  This still hasn’t happened to me and that scares me because it feels inevitable.

Stephen F Austin Post-Game: W, KSU 55 SFA 16

Folding up Week One with the Folbot Post-Game report.


Stephen F. Austin Preview Show

Get gussied up for Gameday with the preview show!  Beyond breaking down SFA, Doug and I handicap the league and nit pick the 2-deep a little.  Enjoy!

*edit – I say Texas ‘lost to Baylor’ at the end of the year which is factual.  But it proves how much Baylor is the Oregon of the Midwest, because I was thinking Oregon.  I was trying to answer Doug’s question if UT won a bowl last year and I was meaning to say Texas lost to Oregon at the end of the year.  Minor, but I want to be accurate when I can.


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K-State Podcasts

You know it’s getting close to football season when you can pump this many KSU podcasts.  So we’ll run through the usual suspects like over at to get you started.

Maybe a little less conventional are the items discussed on KMAN’s Wildcat Insider on Monday in addition to the Roster breakdown on Tuesday.

And then you have the tried and true podcast with a new twist, another voice.

It may also be worth looking at 810’s podcast page, especially between the Lines as they have Big12 teleconference sound, Bill Snyder’s presser sound, Fitz was on and even Dennis Dodd dropped in this week.

Around the Conference really stepping up their game pumping out more podcasts this season, as proof there were two put up in the past two days.

Our Longhorn Insider Garrett Sanders does his Longhorns Season Preview.

Our Sooners Insider Allen Kenney previews the La Tech-OU game this week.


K-State 2014 Season Preview Show, Part 2 – Defense

We laid out the parts and pieces of the defensive roster and assembled it into a nice unit much like one would a Folbot.  The reality was, we were aided by former KSU LB from the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Championship team Blake Slaughter (@BSlaughter08) to be able to provide some real insight.  Please take a look at and consider helping out.

*editor’s note: Still fought some of the tablet falling asleep issues.  Even moreso, next time I’ll try and do more pre-sound quality testing.  We fought some other technical difficulties that day, but I’ll apologize for the first five minutes or so it is hard to hear Blake’s line.