Transition Season 1, Episode 35

Not much to talk about yet, we talk for longer than we thought.  Trying to crack the basketball team struggles.


Baylor Post-game: L,27-38

A little later than usual.  But hey at the end there’s some weigh-in on the bowls and the college football playoff.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 12 11 14

So it’s kind of a behind week here at, but I promise we’ll get you a Baylor re-cap at some point.  Also have a take on what the Big 12 should do regarding being left out of the first ever College Football playoff.  Granted, I like to put time between happenings, and not gut react to one occurrence, but I feel like there is a solution out there that is worth investigating.  I hope to have that up this Saturday.  Now, on to the pod-scheduling.

K-State Podcasts

What is this?  A GPC podcast without after hours?  Have not listened yet, but on paper it sounds tremendous.  Plenty of chatter on the big “rumor”.

Mike T of the Salute went to the Baylor game, so if you don’t want to relive the bad parts of the game, it’s worth listening for his account of being in Waco and McLane stadium.

And as you know I’ve become a huge fan of how awesome KMAN’s coverage has been all year…especially the Wednesday spot with Cole Manbeck, little less typically on Tuesday, however the KC Star’s Blair Keirkoff drops in, and there is always Wildcat Insider on Monday.

Around the Conference

Plenty of people weighing in on the College Football Playoff, and with that starts us off.  Additionally they talk about the future of their current football situation.

As you might imagine, there’s plenty to sound off on from the Baylor perspective.


Baylor Pre-game

This one WILL be closer than the KSU-TCU game.  I just hope it’s a whole lot closer.  I give a prediction within this episode if you’re interested.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 12 04 14

K-State Podcasts

We’ll start things off right in Manhattan with the KMAN 1350 content.  As I’ve been doing in the past, we start with Wildcat Insider from Monday.  Tuesday features a can’t miss spot from former Wildcat Tight End Travis Tannahill.  And then Wednesday’s show features the Cole Manbeck spot (with basketball coverage sprinkled in there too).

The folks at GPC get you set up for the last regular season conference road game of the season.

Checking in with the Salute, they examine the poor showing in Maui as well as combine some thoughts on the football performance against KU and what that means heading into the Baylor game.

Around the Conference

Up in Iowa the guys at salvage what football talk they can with the lone remaining game on the schedule: TCU. explains what exactly went wrong against TTU, and give some sort of insight into what they think they have in K-State (interesting take on Waters-Lockett.  I don’t think they’ve watched too much KSU too closely this year).  You may also want to check back in with their site later tonight, I think they’re doing a live show on Google Hangouts or something.  Pretty interactive and fun way to watch them record.  Additionally I know that BOTC is supposed to have an appearance with one of their personalities in podcast form too.  Check in over there periodically to see when they get their episode up!

If you want to learn more about the Big12’s announcement on cost of attendance scholarships, here’s what TTU AD Kirby Hocutt had to say about it.

Our friend Jamie Plunkett went on a podcast to explain TCU over Baylor in the college football playoff.


KU Postgame: W,51-13

Sunflower Mow-downs never get old.


KU Pre-game

A brief talk about the way things ended in Maui, then all things K-state v KU for the upcoming football game


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 11 26 14

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Hope you all have the blessing of being able to spend time with family.  And if not family, friends.  If you need some podcasts to hit the road with, enjoy that below!

K-State Podcasts

David Ubben of and FoxSports Southwest dropped in to share some thoughts with the fine folks of

Tim Fitzgerald and company remind us how appropriate it is that we cook the Jayhawks on the field within the same week that we cook Turkey and share with family.

At the Salute, it was solo Mic, or I guess Solo Mike this week. Been there before, those shows are tough.  But some bonus coverage from the archives from when Mike interviewed Nick Leckey on his show.

And due to the Maui invite, and the women’s team on the road as well the staff around KMAN was thin, so has been the content with all of the radio broadcasts.  But hey, here’s Wildcat Insider with Corey Dean filling in.

Around the Conference

It’s been a few weeks since we heard from Garrett Sanders, and he knows that.  So he sums up his thoughts on the Longhorns in this video commentary of the last 3 games.  Good luck on Turkey night!

Our Daily Bears like most always cover a wide range of topics, one of which is their impressions of the big 12’s freshest QBs Mason Rudolph.  The other of course being the College Football Playoff (CFP) position.

Speaking of Baylor, get the perspective from Jerry Hill of on the Bears and their upcoming game vs Tech with radio folk down in Lubbock.

WVU Post-game: W,26-20

Check out my experience from Morgantown in this episode.  In the off-season, or down time I will add to the ‘Tales from the Road” page with words and pictures (also still need to add the Ames experience too).  If you don’t know what that is, go to my home page and find that tab just below the logo.


West Virginia Pre-Game

Hoping KSU ends up +2 in Turnovers.