150th and Final episode of EMAWdio.com (OSU Post game)

Forgive us as we break out in casual conversation to the end.  It’s been a good run: October 2012 – October 2015.

Thanks for all the listens. I’ve never really known how many people listen. If you could do one thing for me. Please leave a comment below and let me know who you are!

On behalf of Doug, Thanks everyone!



Oklahoma State Pre-Game

Could not find the Daniel Sams Highlight I wanted…


LA Tech Post Game

We really needed the guys at gamedayblazers.com to sharpen up this performance!


LA Tech Pre-Game

Cantelekicking.com helps us drill another pre-game show through the uprights.


UTSA Post-game

It’s Gamedayblazers.com making sure we look good after gameday too!

We breakdown the first road win of the year for this young team, do a little SEC West bashing, and head off to the Conference room to run through the other Big 12 teams.


UTSA Pre-Game

Cantelekicking.com gives us the opportunity to break down KSU’s chances in San Antonio.


EMAWdio.com closing up Shop – October 17th, 2015

For those of you who are loyal listeners, you know we made this public in part 4 of our season preview series.  For those of you who missed that episode, this post is for you.

If you are as old as me, which is only 30, you have likely experienced this a few times.  You realize that the things you are involved in from time to time just run their course.  In fact if I give it just a little more reflection than that I would venture to say even if you were half my age you could draw parallels to things that you grow out of.  When you make it to high school there are certain things you did in grade school you would not want to be caught doing.

It is not that I have lost the passion or enjoyment in podcasting.  I do still enjoy that, and will get to more of that later.  But EMAWdio.com has run its course.  I will still continue to eat, drink and sleep K-State sports, but I will no longer be doing it through this site and to the extent that I have.  In the last half year, I have experienced my employer entrusting me with greater responsibilities, which in turn made it very difficult to line up a consistent schedule to podcast. Likewise, Doug has been loaded with responsibilities in the past year from his employer.

From time to time Doug and I did take time to strategically plan what we might want EMAWdio.com to become.  And while we executed some of those things (a 3rd routine post: podscheduling, rebranding the logo), operating EMAWdio.com more or less by myself just became something that was getting harder and harder to do when you added editing of episodes on top of posting the episodes and other posts.  Point is, you probably have seen the highest potential of this site. Neither of us are great at web design, and we never set out to do anything more than podcasting. The time investment for more content was going to be a struggle.

The Cause

In 2012 I came back from a 2-week vacation in Australia only to get berated by my employer (at that time) for the quality of a document set that went out halfway through vacation while I was a day away in the Southern Hemisphere. THE DAY I GOT BACK FROM VACATION.  Somehow, even though I alerted them before I joined this project from the outset in November of 2011 rehabbing the Human Ecology building on the University of Missouri’s campus about how there would be a conflict for them with a deadline…somehow it was my fault that intermediate drawing set looked like crap.  Even though my project manager made no attempt to further the document set while I was on vacation.  The next day I drove into work, I realized I hated my job.  It was at that point my first job out of college had run its course. Eventually it took me another 22months to leave that employer (that’s a different story for a different time).

Those immediate days/weeks following got me thinking about Architecture in general as a career path.  I asked myself if there was anything else l could do as a career what would it be? Sports talk radio of course. But I had no interest in going back to school. So I set on this idea of starting a K-state only Audio-blog. Thinking of people like myself who change their AM dial up here in Northeast KS from 810, to 610, to 580 to 1350 if in range to consume any sort of K-state sound as opposed to listening to the Chiefs. So I set out to provide fans some content to help get them through their work week from one college football Saturday to the next.  It was one of those ideas  from late February of 2012 that would not die. The idea of this site was inspired by Jay Binkley of Kansas City’s 610 sports KCSP (810 WHBs evening show at the time). He started his own internet radio/podcast sports talk show and eventually got noticed and hired by 810 as a radio personality. I knew if I ultimately was going to make a career path change, I was not going to go back to school for it.

The Affect

So when I ran into Doug (an individual who was more than an acquaintance for sure, but not exactly a close friend at that time) at my cousin’s wedding later in the summer of 2012, I knew he would give me honest feedback on this idea that would not die. You see, even though we were not super close at the time, the one thing we knew about one another was how into K-state sports each was. I also knew from my experimenting with podcasting by myself with just a webcam and some shareware that I was boring when I did shows by myself.  The thing that was holding me back from going full bore with my audio-blog (my experimenting meant emailing episodes to friends in the early days) was: a co-host, start-up costs for audio equipment and we hosting, and reassurance that people would be interested. While socializing with him at the wedding reception, a conversation that I believe started with him asking me my thoughts on the Bruce Weber hiring, it dawned on me he would be that perfect fit for a co-host. As I explained to him my idea, and he got interested in the concept, I finished with “the only thing holding me back is the amount of money it would take to get the proper equipment and the website itself”.  Without hesitating he asked me “how much we talking?” When I gave him the grand total that I had researched, he said “I’m in”.  And that folks was more or less the birth of EMAWdio.com

I am happy to say that to this day I consider Doug a close friend. Without him, none of this was possible. The decision to close the door on this journey was mutual. Like he mentioned on our part 4 of the season preview series, not only did our relationship benefit from this, but Doug and I now have new relationships scattered over our Conference footprint.

So on behalf of Doug I want to also say thanks to our fans.  We hope you have enjoyed the journey like we have.  I really have no way of knowing who all is out there listening. But I will say when I went back to my 10 year HS reunion in 2013, that I had a number of classmates mention they listened to my show before.  But the morale of this story is, I did not let that crazy idea die. I do not have to sit here today and say “what if I started that site I always talked about?”.  I did it. I went out on a limb and did something that brought me hours of enjoyment. So I am happy to say that I did it. I always envisioned that what was going to make this site stop, was the birth of my first born child. To date the Good Lord has not blessed my wife and I with such a gift.

If you are not ready to say goodbye to EMAWdio.com, do not worry. Our site will last up until October 17th.  So you can still get a decent amount of Doug and Grant. At the moment we think we will run all the way up until Oklahoma State post game, because as we all know Conference play is the most fun!  So it will be nice to make a second round of predictions after the first conference game. This also gives you a chance to still have a chance to catch up on content as opposed to posting our last episode on October 16th.  In the meantime we may have a ‘best of’ episode in the off week of September 26th.  Either way we are determined to get to the 150th episode mark!

The After Party

For those of you who really have to have my perspective on K-State and College sports, you are in luck. I will be hosting a show (The Grant Application) on LandGrantGauntlet.com once a week talking Big12 football.  This will back off the twice a week commitment during football season, and the necessity of me posting the episode on my own as Chris Ross has a well oiled machine amongst he and his staff.  This also cuts out basketball season.  Something I had no business reporting on anyway.  And lastly the fine folks over at TheSalutePodcast.com have offered me to be a guest co-host at my leasure.  Mike Tufano and I are working out what that frequency ends up being once the LGG schedule gets established.  I am excited for both opportunities and what the future holds. Now that EMAWdio.com has run its course, it’s time for ME to run the NEXT course. Until next time, peace out!

South Dakota Post-Game

Gamedayblazers.com helps us break down, the way the Wildcats opened their 2015 football season.


South Dakota Pre-Game

Hats off to Cantelekicking.com for allowing us to do this for free!  We all know Bill will defer if we win the toss, so how appropriate it is to have Anthony’s group sponsor the first pre-game of the year since kickoff will likely be the first play of the year!


2015 KSU Season Preview – Part 4 – Special Teams and Predictions

Give us a little slack as we recorded this prior to the depth chart being released.  But stick it out until the end for a big announcement in regards to the future of EMAWdio.com.