Oklahoma State Preview Show

There’s a little bit of everything in here.  An interview with Kyle Porter of Pistolsfiringblog.com, as well as the usual statistical breakdown and some College Football Playoff ranking banter at the tail end.


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K-State Podcasts

GPC with their magazine deadline put out their podcast earlier than normal on Monday.

The Salute guys posted their good stuff on Monday as well which for them is normal.

BOTC got to our OSU insider Kyle Porter before I did in their show, but there’s no problem in that.  Kyle’s good.

Around the Conference

First off let’s check in and see what Garrett Sanders had to say about the game from the Texas side of things.



The folks at CycloneFanatic.com end up having quite a bit of Bill Snyder/KSU/Jake Waters talk right around the 20min mark, so you’ll want to check that out.  Later in the week they focused primarily on the Big12 basketball scene.

Not sure if this link will really get you anywhere, but there’s a chance you can listen to talk about a fairly bad team about to take on a really bad team (TTU).

David Smith our WVU insider puts on a show for the biggest game in the Big12 this weekend: TCU v WVU.

University of Texas Post-game: W, 23-0

Just a good ole fashioned defense pitches a shut-out and you can get your second string QB in the game-performance.


Texas Preview Show

Taking a look at the first ever visit for Charlie Strong to MHK.


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K-State Podcasts

We’ll get you started off with our buds from over at theSalutePodcast.com.  They actually do a lot more around the conference talk than normal, which I kind of like.  Which btw, I share similar thoughts on Okie State as they do.

GoPowercat.com gives us their weekly opinion as well.

BringontheCats Welcome SBNation’s Ian Boyd to chat about the Stronghorns.

As you know there’s plenty of content over at 1350 this week.   I suggest perusing the Monday show as always.

Around the Conference

Not a whole lot out there, but Cyclonefanatic.com and the Des Moines Register recap what they saw against Texas last week.

Oklahoma Post-Game: W, 31-30

You don’t make any apologies for winning a conference game on the road.  Especially when you’re the only coach/team to beat Bob Stoops in Norman twice.  Great win boys.


Oklahoma preview show

If you’re an outsider visiting for more coverage on the KSU-OU game specifically and not interested in K-state sports in general, you’ll want to skip ahead to about the 15minute mark.  Otherwise I think a pretty good show with a lot of things to hit on.


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K-State Podcasts

We start you off with the Salute to get things going.  They wrap up Texas Tech and toss in a little Volleyball.

The GPC crew solid as always.

KMAN discusses a little pre-season basketball rankings.

Around the Conference

I made a special Cameo on the Smoking Musket Podcast to help our friend David Smith out with their upcoming tussle with Texas Tech.

The group over at Cyclonefanatic.com examines what exactly is not going well with the Mangino lead offense.

Just another chapter in how to make Texas look bad from the folks at Ourdailybears.com.

And being Red River Rivalry week, it’s time to check in with our friend Allen at BlatantHomerism.com.  The eyes of Kansas are upon you in Texas Sooners.

Texas Tech Post-Game: W, 45-13

We know it’s a little behind schedule, but hey can’t we stretch things out a little longer during the off week?


Texas Tech Preview Show

Got 9 min in and realized the wrong mic was selected…so we started over.  We like to think the second go at it was a better product than the trajectory we were headed for with the first.