South Dakota Pre-Game

Hats off to for allowing us to do this for free!  We all know Bill will defer if we win the toss, so how appropriate it is to have Anthony’s group sponsor the first pre-game of the year since kickoff will likely be the first play of the year!


2015 KSU Season Preview – Part 4 – Special Teams and Predictions

Give us a little slack as we recorded this prior to the depth chart being released.  But stick it out until the end for a big announcement in regards to the future of


2015 KSU Season Preview – Part 3 – The Defense

Can this be Snyder’s best Defense since coming back to the captain’s chair in 2009?

Total Defense (National) Rankings by the year

  • 2009 – 39th (I could not believe this)
  • 2010 – 106th (not that sounds more Chris Cosh)
  • 2011 – 72nd (this year’s campaign has to be better than this at least!)
  • 2012 – 46th (Arthur Brown and Justin Tuggle!)
  • 2013 – 26th (wow, this will be hard to beat!)
  • 2014 – tied for 41st (with Wake Forest? You can’t spell Wake Forest without WTF)

2015 KSU Season Preview – Part 2 – The Offense

How uncomfortable are you with all of these question marks on the offensive side of the ball?


2015 KSU Season Preview – Part 1 – Handicapping the Big 12

When we hit record we had intentions of talking about KSU football, but Doug and I ended up with a lively discussion wrapping up the league through the eyes of the summer series.  Now look we still talk about the season from a 30,000ft view in the show.  But this is Part 1 in a 4 part series.


2015 TCU Football Preview

To close out the Summer Series, we suited up Jamie Plunkett (@TheDSportsRant) as the guest appearance of to talk a little TCU Football with the help of


2015 Baylor Football Preview

Tapping into Brian Ethridge’s (@TruthOrBear) Baylor knowledge in the latest installment of the summer series thanks to


2015 OU Football Preview

Catching up with Allen Kenney (@blatanthomerism) of to figure out what the OU Sooners have going for them in the Summer Series Podcast.


2015 UT Football Preview

Its our yearly check in with @cowboytd to preview the Texas Longhorns football season in the latest installment of the summer series podcast.


2015 WVU Football Preview

As always things go off the rails with David Smith of  Please blow up his timeline @smithfire13 on twitter.  Also check out the fine folks at since they help us make these shows possible.