2015 Texas Tech Football Preview

Same insider, but from a different site now.  Seth Jungman has taken his show to Stakingtheplains.com but is as insightful as ever in the second episode of the summer series tailored by Gamedayblazers.com


Summer Pod-Scheduling?

K-State Podcasts

Friends over at BOTC got a chance to podcast with Brian Smoller about the inner workings of the AD through the construction of Vanier.

Learn a little about the newest K-State Commit Ron Freeman on 1350kman!

Around the Conference

If you thought K-state’s pregame music was bad, listen to the guys at Cyclonefanatic.com rip on their pregame rituals.  And hear about the dawning of the Steve Prohm era through the eyes of an assistant coach from the Hoiberg staff.

Blatanthomerism.com breaks down the 5yr anniversary of realignmentpalooza.

New staff over at VTM have elected to start podcasting.  Get their take on the 2015 season before I release my interview previewing Tech later this week.


2015 Iowa State Football Preview

Cantelekicking.com helps us kick off season 4 by previewing the Iowa State Cyclones with Adam Gray of Cyclonefanatic.com .


Season 3 wrap up show

Thanks to Gamedayblazers.com for making this a possibility.

Doug and I wrap up the sports year that was 2014-15, but primarily do so by touching on the topics we left wide open since our end of MBB season show:

  • The mess Bruce Weber finds himself in with the mass exodus
  • How Baseball season didn’t move the meter
  • The Spring Game really gave us no good news stories, did it?

End of Basketball Regular Season

Hope we can have a more uplifting show before the end of the year closeout on Memorial Day.  But this might be the last episode for awhile.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 03 06 15

K-State Podcasts

We start of with Tuffy and the Salute Crew.  Yes I said crew because new ground was broke for them with their first ever three person show.  Diving into what it would take for this K-State team to get to the Big Dance.

Speaking of what it will take to get into the big Dance, you’ll want to fight through the board control newb over at KMAN overlaying Lil Jon with the weekly can’t miss Cole Manbeck interview on ‘The Game’.  Cole states his case for as to why if K-State can beat Texas and then just simply make it to the championship game of the Big 12 tourney why 18-16 should work at the very end of the segment.  That was Wednesday, but yesterday they got some great sound bites from the MBB team out at the BBTF yesterday.  And if you wanted to back-track all the way to Monday to hear from Wyatt and the group, here’s that link too for Wildcat Insider.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what kind of shenanigans the GPC group is up to this week.  At the moment I author this, I haven’t listened to their podcast.

Around the Conference

Well the team that really ruined the chance for KU’s streak ending — ISU, for both choking away one at home to Baylor to win it themselves, or to then come back from 21 down against OU on Monday to let them have a shot — has had a roller-coaster ride of late.  So we’ll check in with our friends at CycloneFanatic to get a sense for what that cy-ride is like.  And oh yea, they’ve started Spring Practices up in Ames too.  So here’s some extra content as well.

Since inconsistency is king here in the Big 12, here’s a show from the Baylor side of things from the folks over at Ourdailybears.com.

Want to know what the WVU faithful thought about their chances in Allen Fieldhouse before that meltdown Tuesday?  Here you go.  But plenty more to talk about like this weekend’s upcoming game vs OSU.

Blatanthomerism.com brings on folks from the student section to preview the upcoming conference basketball tournaments abound.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 02 27 15

K-State Podcasts

Happier times this week, following a win over the ever so hated Jayhawks.  So we’ll start the good vibes off with the Salute, shove you over to GPC, then top off with a little Cole Manbeck on KMAN.

But we finish up with a little more of a preview with the SB Nation folk of BringontheCats.com inviting the Widerightnattylite.com folk to join their show.

Around the Conference

Our friends turned disappointers up in Ames.  See how Cyclonefanatic is helping keep things rational after losing to Baylor.

So we check in with our buddy Allen Kenney to talk Jayhawks?  He asks the question is there really anything wrong with this year’s team and even taps into a little football talk towards the end.

David Smith & Co. do a little recap of beating Texas Tuesday and talk some bracketology as well.


Conference Play Week 8

2x monumentally bad followed by Monumentally Monday Awesomeness


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 02 19 15

K-State Podcasts

It’s a very hands off approach this week in K-Stateland with the ridiculousness that the basketball season has turned into.  I don’t normally post written word here at EMAWdio.com, since we’re supposed to be all about the Audio, but I figured I would make an exception.  Mostly because it’s slim pickings.  Since I’m normally linking to theSalutePodcast.com for their show right here, I thought it would be appropriate to link to this, the main reason why Mike Tufano and Corey weren’t able to do an episode this week and a summation of where this basketball team sits.

The 1350 crew was cut short due to the BatCats playing out in Arizona (can they be our saving grace this year?), but maybe it was for the better as they ask: “where’s the effort?”

Around the Conference

First off, I wanted to say congratulations to Publisher/VP/Podcast host Chris Williams of CycloneFanatic.com and his wife whom welcomed a new baby girl into the world this past week.  Tonight was the first night he made an appearance able to do the Thursday night Cyclone Fanatic show live from Benchwarmers in Akeny.  They broke down the big road wins by both Men’s and Women’s teams with assistant coaches.

And Blatanthomerism.com helps give us a very very early look at possible CFP contenders for 2015.

Conference Play Week 7

Little easier to do a show when there’s at least 1 win out of the past 2.  Where does the season go from here?