A word to the faithful ones

If anyone’s been dropping in lately, I apologize for no content.  This is just the time of year Doug and I take off.  It’s a bit of a commitment to deliver 52 episodes a season.  That’s an average of 1 a week for the entire calendar year, but we do it from June 1-April 1.  So we take this two month hiatus to have some time to ourselves.  But keep tuned in to us on twitter (@GTCat_EMAWdio and @EMAWroch), as we will do a year end review show sometime around the time the CWS ends (or if the BatCats are out of the fold much sooner than that as it appears) to officially conclude season 2 here at EMAWdio.com.  We hope to have somethings freshened up around here for season 3, when the summer series starts up again.  But as I like to say, until next time…peace out.

Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 03 26 14

Programming Note

Doug and I plan on having a end of school year, all sports recap show before Season 2 at EMAWdio.com ends.  We consider season 2 over after the last out of the College World Series.  Hopefully K-state is making that last out in Omaha.  Should some interesting story line pop up between now and then, we may do a show.  We’ll see if anything interesting pops up around the Spring Game, but who are we kidding, it’s Bill Snyder after all.

K-State Podcasts

The Salute gets us started by recapping their first hand experience from STL.…and actually at this point they’re the only players.  I’m sure the GPC show will debut tomorrow.

To make up for some of the content, check out Wildcat Insider from KMAN on if you missed it Monday.

Around the Conference

At this point you have to be behind Hoiberg and the ‘clones don’t you?  If you believe in #farmalliance then you have to.  But they’re half of the equation when it comes to the Big 12 and the Sweet 16.

To fulfill the other half of the equation we check in with OurDailyBears.com as they take a look at how all of the sudden Baylor is left standing with Iowa State like they were in KC.

Not really a conference story, but our Texas Correspondent Garrett Sanders did a feature on former K-State Asst Basketball Coach Brad Underwood and the tremendous job he did at Stephen F. Austin this year for KETK.

If you haven’t noticed, the STRONGhorns are in full swing of their Spring practices.  The Longhorns’ 247sports site has you covered with what’s going on the 40 acres.

More football Spring practice talk, this time with former Ron Prince Assistant and KSU LB Matt Wallerstedt the Tech DC breaking down what he sees out of the Red Raider defense thus far.

Basketball Post-Season Show + Brian Smoller Interview

So very fortunate to have Brian Smoller on the show.  Stand-up guy.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 03 19 14

K-State Podcasts

BOTC brings back Nichole Auerbach to not only talk the ‘Cats’ draw, but a little of the national scene as well.

GPC has you covered top to bottom with the field in St. Louis.

The Salute helps us all realize why maybe you shouldn’t be so scared of big bad Big Blue Nation.

Around the Conference

The official NCAA Tournament preview from the CycloneFanatic group…and I’m sure there’s a little jubilation following their Big 12 tournament championship.

More NCAA Tournament perspective, this time from our friends from the outside looking in over on the Smoking Musket Podcast.

Not so much a podcast, but our bud over at Pistolsfiringblog.com Kyle Porter asks his wife to fill out a bracket on the spot in 1, 2, 3 and 4 youtube segments.  Mrs. Pistols as she’s known, is such a trooper.  She makes her first appearance since bowl season.  It’s a family affair as even baby Pistols makes an appearance.

Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 03 12 14

K-State Podcasts

Everyone got their episodes out early this week.

The crew at theSalutepodcast.com has a very similar tone to our show…though in all fairness they recorded first, and wonders why KSU is trending downward at the end of the season and what to make of the Deb Patterson firing.

The GPC trio actually found a way to come up with a list of more than 2 names for the women’s basketball coaching search.  That in its own regard is impressive, but their show is full of plenty of bball talk as well as some football and football recruiting.  You’ll find some tidbits/hints about the future expansion at the N end zone.

BOTC ends up with the most unique show of the week, as they check in with SB Nation’s bracketology guru Chris Dobbertean and I found it a veryinteresting convo, guy knows his stuff.

Around the Conference

If you want a pretty comprehensive breakdown of the upcoming/ongoing Big 12 tournament, I recommend checking in with our friends over at Cyclonefanatic.com as they throw out their Big 12 tournament preview show.

BlatantHomerism.com keeps the cfb talk going by inviting Adam Kramer of Kegs ‘n Eggs and the Bleacher Report to talk next year’s story lines and how they integrate with the new College Football Playoff.

If you must continue to have football talk, take a look under the hood of the Texas Tech offense with OC Eric Morris talking Spring football on DoubleT104.3 out of Lubbock.


End of Regular Season, Conf Play Wk 10

When Doug and I finished recording, we looked back and thought.  Wow, that episode was a lot like the past two basketball games.  We came out with a strong start, then ended up a little flat through parts, and then made some sensational moves down the stretch.  Did we win or lose this episode? You be the judge!


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 03 06 14

K-State Podcasts

GPC digs deep into KSU’s road struggles, and questions if Shane Southwell acknowledges that this is his Senior year and games are limited.

The guys at the Salute do much of the same, but try their hardest of running down everything that’s happened since the Texas Tech game.

The guys at BOTC get you primed for the Baylor game by visiting with the enemy Mattisbear from OurDailyBears.com.

Around the Conference

The CycloneFanatic crew was very complimentary of the atmosphere last Saturday on their show earlier in the week.  Joke’s on them though, that was only about a 9k crowd by my estimations, so if they thought that was good, think of another 4k in there.  But check in here for their latest installment.

When you live south of the equator/KS state line, it’s a little more feasible to have Spring football practice before Spring Break.  Blatanthomerism.com has their Spring preview of the Oklahoma Sooners.

Pretty much touch all of three major Men’s sports at UT on the latest Longhorn Blitz from the 247sports site but it’s primarily looking at Spring Football.  You can’t get too far into a football conversation in this conference without one Bill Snyder reference.

Conf Play, Wk 9

So towards the end of the show, when I go on my rant about NCAA tourney seeding/ranking rant, I think I fell short of articulating my point.

My point is there seems to be a disconnect in using the logic of KU’s 7 losses can be overcome when laid out across their TOTAL body of work.  But apparently that same logic is disregarded when it comes to KSU with 9 losses, and using their TOTAL body of work; the 6 wins over top 30 RPI wins apparently carries no weight.  Yes I know KSU has some bad losses on their schedule, but they were all at the beginning of the season.  It would be different if KSU was dropping games to bad teams here or there every once and awhile.  Would seem to me that a solid 7, possible 6 tourney seed would be about right.

Win tonight and take care of that. #beatthepokes

Also forgot to mention how awesome it was to see us win a game from the FT line!


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 02 27 14

K-State Podcasts

Timing is everything right?  Well both theSalute and BOTC recorded before the Texas Tech game.  I’ll give a slight nod to BOTC for the show having still some relevancy despite being old news as Ken Corbitt, the KSU beat writer for the Topeka Capitol Journal dropped some insight on the show.

GPC a little later than normal, but well worth the wait.

Around the Conference

Been awhile since we heard from the folks from OurDailyBears.com but their show has finally come back with a little different cast of characters to talk some hoops.

You want some football?  One place where it’s always time to talk some football would be UT, so we check in with their 247sports site.

At the time of composing this, I’m curious what Stan Weber told TTU radio before the game.

Conf Play, Wk 8

Crazy to think this is episode 50 of season 2.  It’s been a good ride guys, thanks for keeping us going!