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K-State Podcasts

Your usual suspects: GPC and the Salute.

Checking in with the fine folks at KMAN, we find the big news regarding the Spring Game and some other tidbits and fallout from the Iowa State loss from Wednesday’s show.

If you’ve ever navigated to 810 WHB’s podcast page, you know it’s not super convenient for what I am trying to do here.  But there are some worthwhile interviews with John Currie and Wyatt Thompson sprinkled through this page.

Around the Conference

As you can imagine the folks over at CycloneFanatic were coming off their Saturday high of taking out the Jayhawks at home, with Gameday in primetime.  Luckily at the point I’m composing this post they haven’t recorded a show since Tuesday.  I’m sure they’re happy about their victory in Ames over the Wildcats, but since I control the content on this site I’m happy to pump their excitement of beating the Jayhawks.

CRBMatrix joins Allen Kenny to take a look at the future of Big12 football and the Oklahoma Sooners.

OurDailyBears dip back all the way to the Cotton Bowl in their podcast.  I’m guessing not a lot of talk about how the squandered away a win on the hardwood in Bramlage last week.



Conference Play Week 3

Trying to summarize a 4 game conference win streak.


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K-State Podcasts

We start off hearing from Wildcat Insider on 1350 KMAN about what the win in Norman did for this struggling basketball team.

In similar ways, the guys over at the Salute do some similar examinations.

And who knows what GPC is up to anymore?

And then some more from 1350 from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Around the Conference

See what the guys over at Cyclone Fanatic thought about Baylor before getting down by 17 early, and well the state of ISU football moving forward.

Speaking of the status of football programs, Allen Kenney does a good job of bringing us up to speed on the status of the OU coaching changes.

Guess who’s fired up about basketball season? That would be the Eastern outpost with West in their name.  We check in with the SmokingMusket Podcast (which by the way I’m told I will be a guest on their show coming up soon).


Bowl Wrap-Up

A forgettable bowl game performance results in a forgettable podcast performance.  Listen at your own risk!

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K-State Podcasts

The Salute comes back from a holiday hiatus to dive into the Alamo Bowl, and a little bit of the bugaboo that is K-State Basketball

GPC back to their old selves doing much the same as the longest running K-State Podcast above.

And then your thoughts from the end of the year perspective from the guys closest to K-State Sports in KMAN’s Wildcat Insider.

Around the Conference

CowboyTD summarizes his thoughts on the state of the Longhorn football team and the drubbing down in Houston.

It’s been full bore basketball season for awhile up in Ames, but see what they thought following losing to Frank Martin and crew over at Cyclonefanatic.

How do you tie up a WVU football season and look forward to basketball?  Enter in our bud David Smith.


Alamo Bowl Preview with Anthony Cantele

In addition to breaking down UCLA, we take a stroll down bowl memory lane with Anthony.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 12 23 14

Not a lot of content this week, but I know some of you out there are needing to load up an ipod for a road trip, or possibly need something to occupy your time at the in-laws.

K-State Podcasts

Pretty slim on the K-state side of things, so your most reliable source in a week like this will be KMAN.  So here’s the last Wildcat Insider of 2014, and the first Bill Snyder press conference for the Alamo Bowl from Tuesday.

Around the Conference

Our buddy Chris Williams is still going at it strong with some Cyclones and Christmas chatter in a mailbag edition.

Good friend David Smith promised a podcast this week, though at the time of me authoring this piece it has not been posted over at

If you want to know the thoughts of Garrett Sanders on facing Arkansas, you’ll want to check in here.


Otherwise listeners, have a Merry Christmas!

Transition Season 1, Episode 35

Not much to talk about yet, we talk for longer than we thought.  Trying to crack the basketball team struggles.


Baylor Post-game: L,27-38

A little later than usual.  But hey at the end there’s some weigh-in on the bowls and the college football playoff.


Your Weekly Pod-Scheduling 12 11 14

So it’s kind of a behind week here at, but I promise we’ll get you a Baylor re-cap at some point.  Also have a take on what the Big 12 should do regarding being left out of the first ever College Football playoff.  Granted, I like to put time between happenings, and not gut react to one occurrence, but I feel like there is a solution out there that is worth investigating.  I hope to have that up this Saturday.  Now, on to the pod-scheduling.

K-State Podcasts

What is this?  A GPC podcast without after hours?  Have not listened yet, but on paper it sounds tremendous.  Plenty of chatter on the big “rumor”.

Mike T of the Salute went to the Baylor game, so if you don’t want to relive the bad parts of the game, it’s worth listening for his account of being in Waco and McLane stadium.

And as you know I’ve become a huge fan of how awesome KMAN’s coverage has been all year…especially the Wednesday spot with Cole Manbeck, little less typically on Tuesday, however the KC Star’s Blair Keirkoff drops in, and there is always Wildcat Insider on Monday.

Around the Conference

Plenty of people weighing in on the College Football Playoff, and with that starts us off.  Additionally they talk about the future of their current football situation.

As you might imagine, there’s plenty to sound off on from the Baylor perspective.